Picked up some bulbs recently, just a few crocus and hyacinth for some early spring blooms. Remains to be seen if these will bring the bees to my yard, I didn’t spot a single bee on my bluebells this past spring. But they should make ME happy 🙂

These were pretty easy to plant, my bulbs had a zone chart and planting dates on the back and you should start there. I actually planted mine a bit early according to the chart (which wants me to plant in November), so we’ll see how they do. USA residents can also click here to find out which Plant Hardiness zone they live in.

Another note is you should maybe plant in soil that hasn’t been sitting in a bag for 3+ months and make sure your pot has GOOD drainage. The bulbs don’t like sitting in damp soil and for whatever reason (perhaps sitting in the bag?) my soil seems to no longer want to drain well.. I’m going to try and add extra drainage to the bottom of the planter.

🐝 Planting Your Bulbs

Step 1: Fill pot with soil

Leave about 4″ to top with soil later and get your bulbs ready.

Step 2: Place bulbs into the pot

Make sure that you have the pointed side up, the roots grow from the bottom and the flower sprouts out of that pointed end. Give the bulbs some space between one another, an inch or so will keep them from crowding each other.

Step 3: Cover the rest of the way with soil

Done! You can water them in yourself if it’s been a dry autumn or you can just let the rain take care of that.

Now all that is left is to wait and see them come up in spring 🙂