Here’s an easy guide to repotting your flowers! Unless you’re potting some echinacea, I recommend googling your plant species to see what soil, sun, water and other care requirements your plant has.

Step 1: Assembling Supplies

Picture of items you'd need to repot a flower

What You’ll Need:

  • Plant to be potted
  • Potting mix soil
  • Plant Pot


  • Gardening gloves
  • Scissors
  • Rocks to line bottom of pot for drainage

Step 2: Clip Dying & Dead Foliage

Clip off any dead and dying leaves or flower heads to clean you plant up a bit.

Step 3: Remove From Temporary Pot

If your plant is in one of those thin plastic nursery pots, squeeze the sides to gently remove it. Once the plant is out, gently break up the roots a little by  squeezing and loosening up the root ball.

Optionally you can line the bottom of your new plant pot with rocks before you add dirt to give it a little more drainage, but otherwise just add some dirt to the bottom of your pot and set your plant in.

Step 4: Adding Dirt

Evenly fill the pot with more soil around the plant, patting the dirt down now and then to remove pockets of empty space.

Some plants might have different requirements, but for my echinacea the dirt should be at the same level it was at on the plant before.

Step 5: Soaking

Thoroughly water your new plant until you start to see water streaming out of the drainage holes. This both ensures your new plant has plenty to drink, but also helps further compact the dirt to remove any empty space.

Step 6: Admire Your Handiwork